Our Vision, Aims and Values
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Our Vision, Aims and Values


Together, we enjoy learning in a happy, caring and friendly environment

Care, Respect, Share, Enjoy, Friendship


Our vision is for Higham Ferrers Nursery and Infant School to be an inspiring and exciting place which is innovative and forward thinking. We strive to create an environment and develop a community of children, parents and staff who work together effectively to achieve our school aims.


We want all our children to:

Be Happy and healthy

Become informed, respectful and responsible global citizens of the Future.

Nurture passions and talents

Love Learning; Become Independent lifelong learners 

Succeed: Achieve Individual Potential

Child-centred outcomes explained

Be happy and healthy

To enjoy their childhood and make informed, independent choices which promote their safety and personal health. To achieve Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual well-being.

Become informed, respectful and responsible global citizens of the future

To have respect for others, including those who are different and an acceptance of other cultures, faiths and societies. To develop responsibility and respect for our community with a desire to preserve our environment and a willingness to make a positive contribution in the world.

Nurture passions and talents

To develop individual talents and area of interest and the confidence to excel in these areas. To understand the importance of commitment, teamwork and perseverance.

Love learning; Become lifelong learners

To be intrinsically motivated to learn and to find pleasure within discovery, inquisition and the acquisition of new skills, knowledge and understanding. To build the resourcefulness, resilience and reflectivity to overcome challenges and problems they face both today and in the future.

Succeed: Achieve Individual Potential

To achieve personal success within all areas of development in relation to individual starting points, building self-esteem and confidence to further achieve in the future.

Our Values

We have recently updated our school values.  If you remember, at parent evenings last year (November 2013) I asked all of you to chose your top five values from the ten (some inherited from the Olympic values) that we use in school.  The reason behind this was to reduce the number of values as we felt that ten was too many for our age range of children.  We want all of our pupils to know our values so that they can uphold them in the best way possible and recite them with a true and meaningful understanding of what they represent.  

With this in mind a comprehensive vote has been made by all members of our school community.  I counted the votes from our Governors, staff, parents and carers and then combined them with the votes of all of our pupils (finalised at meeting of our school council).  The conclusion was overwhelming:

Governors, parents, carers and staff




 Number of Votes



Order of Choice

Care 124 3 Care  1
Share 101 5 Share  3
Enjoy 135 2 Enjoy  4
Determination 72   Determination  
Inspiration 58   Inspiration  
Respect 136 1 Respect 2
Friendship 121 4 Friendship 5
Equality 53   Equality  
Courage 38   Courage  
Excellence 37   Excellence  

Thank you all for your valuable input in this process.  Our new whole school community values are now as follows:






This list reads quite well if it is phrased as ‘If you care, respect and share, you enjoy friendship’.  As a result of the newly elected values, we will all be refreshing these concepts throughout our school in the form of assemblies and class lessons.  Lunchtime supervisors, teachers and support staff will give value beads to our children as a way of recognising when they are carrying out our values in day to day work and play.  All adults in our school community will also be expected to adhere to our values.

The first value that we will focus on will be Respect.  Within the teaching about this value we will all be considering the importance of respect for others (using manners, kindness, caring, sharing, holding a door open for someone etc); respect for ourselves (taking care of ourselves, washing hands, cleaning teeth etc); respect for property (looking after books, pencils, toys, keeping our school tidy etc.).

If you would like to know more about our values, please do not hesitate to ask your child’s class teacher.

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